How I increased my salary by 500% in my design career

I got my first official job at 25. I was fresh out of college and really glad to have landed that job. It was at a bank that had its headquarters in my hometown. They later told me that there were more than 150 candidates lined up for this job. The salary was very good for Slovenia back in the day but I left one and a half year later. I realised that if I wanted to pursue a career as a designer and be good at it, I needed to move abroad. So I did.

I still think of that moment as the key moment of my career. I didn’t start that job without any experience. I had freelanced for years before that. But I was told that I needed to get a degree and a proper job so that I’ll earn enough money. So I got a degree in economics because there’s no design course at any of the Slovenian universities, and got that high-paying job at the bank. It was a ”proper” job that everyone kept telling me I needed. It wasn’t really a design job either, I was a business process manager. I basically designed software solutions for business processes which is basically what UX designers do.

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