4 important questions you need to ask in UX design job interviews

Imagine the following scenario: you and I haven’t met, but we recently got in touch to collaborate on a project. We decided to meet up to discuss things so we grab a cup of coffee in a local coffee shop. I present you my views on the project and ask you a bunch of questions. You answer and share your thoughts, but only on the things I ask about. Then, I realise that the conversation has been quite one-sided so I try to change that and say “okay, do you have any questions for me?” You reply with a short “no, I’m good.”

Try to put yourself in my shoes. I discussed a project that I’m passionate about and shared my thoughts and asked questions trying to find out if a collaboration with you makes sense. I was trying to see if you’re as passionate as I am, but so far, I failed to recognise that passion despite your answers being generally good.

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