Matej Latin

Being a designer was a dream I had to fight for

Should I take the pill or not? I might get some relief if I do. It might numb the pain in my chest that had been corroding me for months. I could continue with my life and I could go on with the passive role I had in it. It was an easy choice to make but deep down I knew it led to self-destruction.

Aged 13 I joined an after-school class and designed my first website. It was fascinating, I wrote a few lines of code and created something out of nothing. I was hooked. By the time I was in high school I was designing and building websites for local customers and earning some money from it. It was a hobby, something that I did besides playing video games. By the end of high school I started to realise that even though it’s something I love, I won’t be able to live off a hobby. I had to get a degree which will land me a job that pays well.

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