I need a break

I should be resting instead of writing this as it’s been weeks since I started feeling like shit again. I’ve been juggling my full-time job, my personal projects, my private life, and failing at it, for a while now.

It’s almost one year since I “broke down” and I have been struggling ever since. A good week is always followed by two or three bad ones. It’s exhausting. So I decided to take a break. Or at least try. Me and my family depend on my full-time job so I can’t just stop working. But I need to take a pause and find a new balance. And that means stopping the work on my personal projects for a while. I’ve been running my business on the side for almost 5 years but even before that, I had always worked on personal side projects. There were times where I would regularly work for 13 hours a day. And there were already times where I broke down in a way and had to pause.

Running the Better Web Type website, my new online course UX Buddy and balancing it with my full-time job and private life just isn’t possible any more. We’re also finishing building our house which we hope we’ll move into in December. So all together, it’s too much to handle right now.

So I’m taking a break from personal projects. I don’t know for how long but at least until we finish the house. I already stopped sending the monthly Better Web Type newsletter simply because I had no energy to keep it up. I also got a bit tired of doing the same thing over and over again. So when the newsletter comes back, I’ll probably explore how I could include more diverse content—so not just web typography.

Things still to come in 2021

I’ll still do another early release of my UX Buddy course in November. So if you’re unhappy at work and want to get a better UX design job, check it out and join the waitlist.

I’ll also do a couple more discount sales for the Better Web Type book about which I’ll notify everyone on my mailing list.

That’s it, I hope to get some rest in the months ahead. See you in 2022!

Matej Latin

I’m a self-taught designer proving that you don’t need a design degree to make a career in design. I went from doing boring graphic design work to working for big tech companies as a Product Designer. I thrive in the grey area between design and web development and I wrote a book about web typography for designers and web developers.

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