Standups suck, and here’s how to fix them

At one company I used to work for, I had three standups every morning. It should have been five because at one point I worked with four squads (making it five with the design team) but I simply never joined them all.

This is how my usual mornings went.

I’d get to the office at around 8:30 am—a bit early so I had some time to sort out my desk and check email. My first standup was at 9:20 am. This was the design standup which should have taken about 10 minutes but quite often extended to double its allocated time. I then had 20 minutes till the next standup at 10 am. This was the one that always started late and usually extended well over the allocated time. Right after that one, at 10:15 am was the next standup. This one usually took about 15 minutes to get through.

I wrote this article for Mind the Product and you can read the full story here.

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