Regarding the unwanted hair and permanent hair loss of the face

I understood that I can have hair loss on my face, so I decided to take a drastic experience.

Regarding the unwanted hair and permanent hair loss of the face

I decided to have hair loss on my face

Regarding the unwanted hair and permanent hair loss of the face
I have a lot of unwanted hair on my face than a person, and I have been suffering very much since I was young.
If you are out of the office, you do not have to do what you call hair loss often so often, but you can not basically hide a place called a face, and when talking to people again Since it will be seen over time, I must always be using myself, I have been doing my own treatment at home using utensils etc.
But it took a lot of time to get tired and it took quite a while and I thought that it would be a serious thing if the blades hit the eyes etc, and I felt very frightened, and always suffering from something in my way There was.
Although I was able to hear the information that you can get hair removal of your face at what kind of store at some time, I clearly understand that hair loss only corresponds to the body I thought that she would not do it until the face, and I felt a very surprising feeling.

After that, I immediately decided to check the place I was actually doing and listen to the story, but it was really that I would go without any problem, so I was very excited In addition to doing that, I decided to actually ask for a request.
Then I got a hair removal at that shop, but the professional people touched the work with a feeling very familiar and never felt anything called anxiety at all So I really felt it was good to try it out.

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